December 15th, 2015

The Short: "Silicon Valley Unicorn Obituaries"

By Prabha Kannan

"Three unicorns passed away in the Bay Area last week after an extended battle with a particularly virulent strain of valuationitis. Gathered at their bedsides were executives and prominent venture capitalists, who confirmed the deaths. 'The virus came out of nowhere,' the treating physician said. 'One minute they were thriving entities worth billions, and the next...'"

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The Long: "Solitude and Leadership" 

by William Deresiewicz

That's really the great mystery about bureaucracies. Why is it so often that the best people are stuck in the middle and the people who are running things -- the leaders -- are the mediocrities? Because excellence isn't usually what gets you up the greasy pole. What gets you up is a talent for maneuvering. Kissing up to the people above you, kicking down to the people below you.

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