January 11th, 2016

The Short: 'The 'Other Side' Is Not Dumb'

by Sean Blanda

"In psychology, the idea that everyone is like us is called the “false-consensus bias.” This bias often manifests itself when we see TV ratings (“Who the hell are all these people that watch NCIS?”) or in politics (“Everyone I know is for stricter gun control! Who are these backwards rubes that disagree?!”) or polls (“Who are these people voting for Ben Carson?”)."

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The Long: 'The Sphinx Next Door'

by John Lahr

"Moore has a visual imagination as well as a mimetic one. It’s important for her to see herself not just in the role but also in the frame. “Acting is not all about feeling,” she said. “It’s not all about what’s on the inside. There’s a physicality to what the frame is. Sometimes you want to see what story it’s telling.” Moore’s performances, at once penetrating and succinct, come from a calibration of the character with the scale and proportion of what the camera is showing.”

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