January 21st, 2016

The Short: "The Truth About Happily Ever After."

by Kerrie L. Cooper (Medium)

My daughter will learn, both through our actions and her own experiences, that happy is a skill, a choice and a mindset. That to be happy “ever after” is not a given, nor even a constant in a marriage. The truth is “happily ever after” most often makes a cyclical appearance; but that love can be more wonderful than any fairytale she could imagine. And that it grows even better with age.

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The Long: "Has the world overlooked a major achievement?"

by Peter Singer (World Economic Forum)

In 1990, 1.95 billion people, or nearly 37% of the world’s population, lived in extreme poverty; today there are 702 million. If the proportion of people living in extreme poverty had remained unchanged, there would be 2.7 billion of them. In other words, the decline in poverty has improved the lives of almost two billion people.

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