January 8th, 2016

The Short: 'Brazil's Fall: Disaster Looms For Latin America's Biggest Economy'

by The Economist

"At the start of 2016 Brazil should be in an exuberant mood. Rio de Janeiro is to host South America’s first Olympic games in August, giving Brazilians a chance to embark on what they do best: throwing a really spectacular party. Instead, Brazil faces political and economic disaster."

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The Long: 

'The Image of Netflix As A Content Utopia'

by Ian Crouch

"The comedian Bill Burr, who for years had seen television projects stall at other networks, is the co-creator of a new animated show on Netflix called “F is for Family,” in which he voices the short-fused, Korean War-vet patriarch of a nineteen-seventies family. He told Marc Maron recently that the only notes he’d received from the network were to push the jokes further.”

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