February 12th, 2016

The Short:

"Maturing markets = higher stakes, closing doors"

by Ev Williams, co-founder of Twitter (Medium)

Big tech companies are getting better at fending off competition from startups by adopting many of the tools and distribution platforms used by the upstarts. That will force startups to become more inventive or to go outside of tech."

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The Long: "Gravitational Waves Exist: The Inside Story of How Scientists Finally Found Them"

by Nicola Twilley (The New Yorker)

The waves rippled outward in every direction, weakening as they went. On Earth, dinosaurs arose, evolved, and went extinct. The waves kept going. About fifty thousand years ago, they entered our own Milky Way galaxy, just as Homo sapiens were beginning to replace our Neanderthal cousins as the planet’s dominant species of ape.

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