February 8th, 2016

The Short: "Of profits and prophesies"

by The Economist

For years, Google was similarly hard to read, sharing only basic figures about its business. Alphabet, Google’s newly formed parent company, is bowling a bit straighter. When it reported earnings on February 1st, Alphabet disclosed for the first time how much it was spending on its “moonshot” projects, including self-driving cars, fibre internet and space exploration. In 2015 Alphabet lost around $3.6 billion on these ambitious initiatives—a large sum, but less than some had feared. Meanwhile Google, its core business, saw revenues and profits rise.

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The Long: "Everyone Hates Martin Shkreli. Everyone Is Missing the Point"

by Kelefa Sanneh (The New Yorker)

 Thursday morning, the most reviled person in America arrived on Capitol Hill for a short but memorable engagement with the most reviled institution in America. The institution was the U.S. Congress, which Americans say they hate—though not quite enough, apparently, to stop reëlecting its members. And the person was Martin Shkreli, a pharmaceutical executive who loves to play the villain, and who can’t decide whether to be amused or outraged when he is treated accordingly. Donald Trump can rightly be called polarizing, but Shkreli cannot: he seems to have precious few fans to balance out his innumerable detractors.

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