February 10th, 2016

The Short: "Why Yahoo Couldn't Adapt to the Smartphone Era"

by Vauhini Vara (The New Yorker)

Soon after Marissa Mayer became the C.E.O. of Yahoo, in 2012, she looked up a list of the most popular activities that people did with their phones. Yahoo’s mobile business barely existed at the time, generating so little revenue that the company didn’t even report the amount in financial filings. When Mayer read the list, though, she was buoyed. Besides habits like talking and texting, which were services that cell-phone carriers typically provided, people spent a great deal of time e-mailing, checking the weather, reading the news, sharing photos, getting financial information, looking up sports scores, and playing games.

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The Long: "The Great Money-In-Politics Myth"

by Dylan Matthews (Vox)

It's a tempting notion. But some states have actually enacted public financing, and liberal utopias didn't follow. The laws had some good effects, but they did not make Sanders's personal platform dramatically easier to pass.

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