Possible V.P.’s Call To Action

The Short: ”Schools and hard knocks”

by The Economist

Imagine being asked to take part in an activity that gives you somewhere between a 1-in-5 and 1-in-20 chance of a serious head injury over a four-month period. That could lead to weeks of impaired mental performance and headaches, and, especially if the blows are repeated, the danger of longer-term mental-health problems. Now imagine that your child is the one taking that risk.

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The Long: “My Brother’s Keeper”

by Cory Booker, junior U.S. Senator (The Atlantic)

I should have known because every day on the campaign trail, I heard two things from hundreds of men I talked to: I can’t get a job and I have a record. Many were candid about what they had done. Some had committed violent crimes; most had been convicted on nonviolent drug offenses.

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