Who runs the world? Facebook

THE SHORT: “System Overload”

by James Surowiecki (The New Yorker)

From the crumbling bridges of California to the overflowing sewage drains of Houston and the rusting railroad tracks in the Northeast Corridor, decaying infrastructure is all around us, and the consequences are so familiar that we barely notice them — like urban traffic congestion, slow-moving trains, and flights that are often disrupted, thanks to an outdated air-traffic-control system. The costs are significant, once you reckon wasted time, lost productivity, poor public-health outcomes, and increased carbon emissions.

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THE LONG: “How Will Zuckerberg Rule the World? By Giving Facebook’s Tech Away”

by Cade Metz (Wired)

That’s right, Facebook has designed a 360-degree video camera, and it’s giving the designs away. The plan is part of Zuckerberg’s sweeping effort to move the Internet beyond text and photos and video to a new mode of communication.

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