Facebook and Fear

THE SHORT: ‘Why I Keep Fighting

by Chelsea Manning (Medium)

Chelsea Manning, a former Army intelligence analyst, was arrested in 2010 for providing WikiLeaks with a number of classified videos — the most damning of which showed two Army helicopters firing on a group of men that, amongst their numbers, were two Reuters photographers and two children. Widely regarded as the catalyst that put WikiLeaks on the map, Manning is serving out her 35-year sentence at a U.S. Disciplinary Barracks in Fort Leavenworth.

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THE LONG: ‘Facebook and Fear

by Derek Thompson (The Atlantic)

Facebook recently came under scrutiny for suppressing Republican news headlines in its “Trending” section, something we noted was a possibility in one of our previously recommended articles. In this article, Thompson suggests Facebook shouldn’t be surprised at the forthcoming litigation from Congress, since Facebook’s reach and influence have no historical precedence.

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