Roach Coaches — The Billion $ Industry

‘LED Lighting Up’

by Nanalyze

Hopefully, at this point in time, most Americans are familiar with the term “LED Lighting”, and hopefully, at this point in time, most Americans have been fortunate enough to experience the great power of this technology firsthand, whether it be via flashlights, car headlights, television sets, smart-phones, computer screens, etc. As the 21st century presses onward, LED Technology (Light Emitting Diode) is predicted to establish even more of an influential foothold in American life, and go on to eventually replace most, if not all, of the Incandescent Lighting systems that are still in use today. Incandescent Lighting Systems utilize the standard wire-filament glass bulbs that are most closely associated with Thomas Edison’s inventions. Most wise investors suspect that the advances being made in the field of LED lighting technology will significantly disrupt the current lighting industry, and in turn allow LED stock-market value to increase exponentially within the upcoming years. As LED manufacturing costs decrease, and technology improves, it is probable that the companies producing LED’s will sustain their burgeoning financial success well into the 21st century. Keen investors have taken notice of the surging LED trend, and they expect to see profitable returns as the lighting industry is forced to adapt to newer, and more efficient LED technology. The uses for LED lighting are increasing at quite a fair rate.

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‘How One Korean Taco Truck Launched an $800 Million Industry’’

by David Brindley (National Geographic)

Once frowned upon as “Roach Coaches”, and considered by many to be shamefully undesirable, “Food Trucks” are now being lauded as a culinary sensation, and they are expected to become a billion dollar industry by the year 2020. These special trucks roam from New York City, to Austin, to San Francisco, and they serve all different types of flavorful cuisine. In 2015 alone, Food Trucks generated a revenue of well over 800 million dollars; not bad for an industry that requires an average of 75K to break into. The popularity of Food Trucks is increasing by the minute, and their sudden rise to the top of the food chain has been in large part due to the connectivity of social media. 

The most successful of modern Food Truck owners, regardless of what food they’re selling, be it gourmet Lobster Rolls, or Vietnamese Sandwiches, frequently update their location via Twitter, Facebook, or specialized Smart-Phone Apps, in turn allowing their hungry customers to track their favorite truck’s location from wherever they happen to be, on whatever electronic device they happen to be using.
In the United States alone there are over 5,500 Food Trucks spanning across 236 cities that utilize Twitter to allow their customers to stay informed on their ever-changing location. In Los Angeles, one of the most popular areas for Food Trucks, there are over 250 of these “Social Media Equipped Meals On Wheels.” (AKA Food Trucks using Twitter). There are also several Smart-Phone Apps which allow users to track hundreds of Food Trucks in real time across the entire country (i.e “Roaming Hunger” and “Food Truck Fiesta”).

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