The Waco Siege

‘The coming debt bust’

by The Economist

China’s economy has a grim outlook. Problem loans are inflating, an inflated property bubble is set to burst, and the globe’s second-biggest economy could be in real trouble. The Economist brings clarity to what can be a complicated issue for some, and always does a good job posing solutions to problems it sees.

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‘Sacred And Profane’

by Malcolm Gladwell (New Yorker)

Gladwell revisits the Waco Siege, a standoff between Branch Davidians, a religious group, and the FBI. Specifically, he revisits how the FBI tried negotiating with the Davidians leader, David Koresh, and how their lack of empathy and understanding caused them to raid the compound, which caught flame, killing 76 people. A must-read, especially in today’s political climate.

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