'GOT' Politics & A tragic split

‘GOT’ Politics & A Tragic Split

‘A Tragic Split’

by The Economist

How quickly the unthinkable became the irreversible. A year ago few people imagined that the legions of Britons who love to whinge about the European Union — silly regulations, bloated budgets and pompous bureaucrats — would actually vote to leave the club of countries that buy nearly half of Britain’s exports. Yet, by the early hours of June 24th, it was clear that voters had ignored the warnings of economists, allies and their own government and, after more than four decades in the EU, were about to step boldly into the unknown.

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by Emily Nussbaum (The New Yorker)

This season on “Game of Thrones,” Tyrion Lannister — a salty dwarf with a Wildean wit — cuts a deal with some powerful slave owners on behalf of his boss, the flame-resistant abolitionist desert queen Daenerys. If they agree to stop funding regime change, they will get seven years to phase out slavery. Tyrion’s aides, former slaves, object. “Slavery is a horror that should be ended at once,” Tyrion shoots back. “War is a horror that should be ended at once. I can’t do both today.”

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